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Barcode Printer Services, Ltd.

Sato M84 Pro Barcode Printers
by Barcode Printer Services, Ltd.

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Sato M84 Pro Barcode Printers
by Barcode Printer Services, Ltd.
Barcode Company Info

Barcode Printer Services, Ltd.

Barcode Printer Services, Ltd., provides factory authorized barcode printer service and repair for a wide range of products from most leading manufacturers.  This includes thermal transfer & direct thermal printers, automatic label applicators, and print & apply systems.

Our service area covers most northeastern United States for on-site repairs and service, and we accept depot-level repair from locations throughout the USA and Canada.

When you work with Barcode Printer Services, you have the confidence of knowing your equipment will be serviced by people who have been in this business for twenty five years - people you can rely on!

We handle all types of Barcode Printers, Label Applicators, and Print & Apply Units.  Please refer to our Line Card for further information.

Company Origin

25 Years and Counting...

Since 1998, Barcode Printer Services, Ltd. has been busy servicing the needs of commercial, municipal, educational, and industrial customers all across New York State and beyond.  With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Vice-President and Senior Technician Jim Douglas is the one person to call when your company is in need of reliable repairs, service, supplies, or replacement products for your barcode printers, label applicators, or print & apply systems.

Our Philosophy

"Reliable Barcode Printer Repairs"

With a proven track record spanning three decades, we at Barcode Printer Services, Ltd. are committed to effecting accurate barcode printer repairs - done right the first time - providing our customers with superior repair workmanship delivered in a timely manner and excellent overall cost value.

Technology Partners

Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. is your single source component-level Industrial Electronics Repair Facility.  Some of their specialties include:

My Tech Guru

(  Laser printer repair and maintenance training.  Step-by-step DVD video instruction, onsite group training, and technician apprenticeships.


(  Specializing in Barcode Label Error Proofing & Manufacturing Information Systems

The Barcode Printer Debate

(A Little Barcode Printer Levity)

You know what they say about all work and no fun...  We have decided to speak up about a mildly disturbing situation that continues to bother those of us who like to see things done right!  Read about the Bar Code Printer Debate