Bar Code Printers

Bar Code Printers vs. Barcode Printers

Is it “Bar Code” or “Barcode?”

Over the years, many have entered into the Bar Code Printer Debate.  Finally, there is a company that is willing to take a firm stand on the issue concerning Bar Code Printers:  Bar Code Printer Services, Ltd. takes a stand!

Now, don’t get us wrong – we are much more concerned with fixing Bar Code Printers rather than spelling Bar Code Printers – but after spending twenty five years in the business we feel we are entitled to voice our own opinion on Bar Code Printers!

Bar Code Printers on the Internet

Marketing Geniuses at Work!

A quick search on “Bar Code Printers” through any of several major search engines will produce results containing both Bar Code Printers and Barcode Printers.  (This proves the debate is alive and well!)  Google even asks, “Did you mean barcode printers” – casting their vote in the Bar Code Printer debate, yet taking an intelligent approach to the subject.  Others, such as Kodak, pay to sponsor the Google results page for bar code printers.  Interestingly enough, an exhaustive search of the Kodak Web site revealed very little, if any, information about either bar code printers or barcode printers.  Go figure…

Bar Code In-Validation

What does spel chek say about “Bar Code Printers?”

Well, this one is a real “no brainer.” The phrase “Bar Code Printers” consists of three words: BAR, CODE, and PRINTERS, all of which are valid, correctly spelled words in the English language. All three would make it past any self-respecting spel chek program.

What’s important here is what the spel chek action does not reveal, so we must look a little deeper. The word “Barcode” also makes it past the spel chek, even when paired with “Bar Code” in close proximity. (Well, at least on our computer. You are welcome to let us know if your computer is different.)

Why Bar Code Doesn’t Work

When you use the term “Bar Code,” you significantly alter the meaning of the phrase.  If you know any good attorneys, they probably belong to the Bar Association.  Hence, to many people, when you say “Bar Code” you could be referring to the State Bar Association’s Code of Ethics.  (That’s right – Bar Code…  No oxymoron jokes, please!)

Of course, to many others the term “Bar Code” might mean something about appropriate behavior when you are in a bar.  For example, “Hey!  You can’t sit there.  I was there first – It’s against the Bar Code!”

The bottom line is this:  The term “Bar Code” is just too ambiguous!  Adding the word “Printer” only exacerbates the problem.  (What?  A Bar Code Printer is the guy who produces and distributes “Bar Code” pamphlets at the local watering hole?)

Bar Code Printers – Our Conclusion

The Bar Code Printer Services, Ltd., Perspective

Based on a preponderance of evidence (such as the Internet, most spel chek programs, common sense, and even asking everyone we know!), our conclusion, and therefore our policy, is that we will use the term “Barcode Printer” rather than “Bar Code Printer” in all of our corporate literature.  We sincerely hope that we do not offend anyone by adopting this practice, but after much deliberation, this is what we have decided.

A “Bar Code Printers” P.S.

From the management of Bar Code Printer Services, Ltd.

You may have noticed that we have used the terms “Bar Code” or “Bar Code Printers” wherever possible on this page.  (Albeit on this page only!)  Although it runs contrary to our established principles, we decided to use “Bar Code Printers” on this page for dramatic effect.  Look at how silly our company name appears at the top of the page when displayed as “Bar Code Printer Services, Ltd.”  Please, if you see Bar Code Printers on any other page of our Web site, please let us know!