Frequently Asked Questions

This page is devoted to answering real questions from you, our real customers. Over the years, we’ve found that there are certain questions that show up all the time. So, we have compiled all the important questions we could remember, but we realize we might not have covered everything. Don’t worry, though – if you have a question not answered in the list below, just use our FAQ Form to send us your question. We will answer your question and post it right here! (Only with your permission, of course, and according to our discretion, but check our Privacy Policy page for all the details.)

Here are some of the questions we have answered previously:

Q. How often should I have preventative maintenance performed on my barcode printer?

A. The answer to this question depends on a number of things such as the type of printer, its rated duty cycle, and percent of utilization. On the average, however, about once every six months is what we would recommend.

Q. My barcodes won’t scan properly. What is the problem and can you help?

A. First, you should try scanning a barcode that is known to be ok to eliminate the possibility that the scanner is malfunctioning. If your scanner reads a known–good barcode, the other printed barcode may be bad. Try faxing us a copy at 585–429–7714.

Q. Do you have a question for us?

We welcome you to submit any question you might have right here on our Web site. With your permission, we can answer it here as well, making our “Frequently Asked Questions” page a truly valuable resource for all our visitors. Or, depending on your preference, you can indicate a question that requires a private response and we will respond to you directly. If you have something you would like to ask, please use our FAQ Form to let us know how we can help.

A. Use our FAQ Form!